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Kindness Is Fashionable

Posted by Kaileigh Dodd on

         “Being kind”… What does that really mean? Most people get the term “kind” confused, because being kind doesn’t just mean being kind to people you like, or just being kind sometimes-it means being kind all the time and being kind to people you may not really like or people you don’t even know. For instance, being kind to people you walk past in the mall, or people driving next to you.

          So where does kindness tie into fashion you ask? That’s simple… Have you ever seen a girl who you think is really cute/fashionable? And you think to yourself, ‘Wow, they are so pretty.’? Then the next thing you know they are being so rude to everyone around them... Yeah, they don’t really seem so cute or fashionable anymore do they?

          With that being said, everyone here at Wear Us Out challenges you to be kinder, cause something as simple as a smile could make someone’s day. We have even come up with a list of ways you can spread your kindness to everyone around you:

  1. Smile. It’s contagious
  2. Offer to help someone with their groceries
  3. If someone drops something, kindly pick it up for them
  4. Say Please and Thank you
  5. Wave as people walk or drive by
  6. Give a simple gift to a friend or family member, just to say you were thinking about them.
  7. Be a Designated Driver (DD)
  8. Pay it forward in a Drive Thru
  9. Give strangers random compliments “Nice Shirt”, “I love your shoes”
  10. Offer the UPS or FEDEX man/woman a bottle/glass of water
  11. Leave random sticky notes with fun or kind words in a public restroom
  12. Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram something kind to three people you care about right now
  13. Write someone a letter, like a REAL letter and mail it to them. People love to receive special mail!
  14. Compliment someone to their boss
  15. When you hear that negative, discouraging voice in your head, remember to leave yourself alone-you deserve kindness too!


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  • and … kindness is contagious!

    Jeanne on

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