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Hair Hair....EVERYWHERE!

Posted by Rachel Boudreau on

When you think of the term "outfit", what words come to mind?

  1. Shirt
  2. Pants
  3. Jacket (if you're wearing one)
  4. Shoes

That's pretty much it right? Well that might be holding you back! Your outfit is either accentuated or diverted by everything and anything. What kind of things can divert the chic-ness of your outfit?

  1. Make up
  2. Nail color
  3. Sock color
  4. Underwear color (visable panty lines and colors are not accentuating your outfit)
  5. Hair
  6. Purse

You are probably wondering why your hair might be a reason that your outfit isn't quite right. Well let me help you out.

This mostly applies to women with medium to long hair, however, short hair can cause problems of their own.

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A lot of today's trends have shirts that are detailed in the front and equally detailed in the back. While wearing your hair naturally down is great, you are doing your outfit a disservice if you have a shirt with a detailed back. Let me explain.

Let's say you bought this gorgeous sequin hoodie sweater from Wear Us Out.


It has detail on the front which is super cute. Now, imagine you have your hair covering the sequins. Now people can only see half or less than half of the design or bling on your shirt because your hair is covering it. This is why if you have a shirt with a detail on the back or a cut out in the back, you are doing yourself a disservice by wearing your hair down. You are essentially covering the cutest reasons you bought the shirt in the first place.

So let's have another example. Here at Wear Us Out we have a "Hear Me Roar" Jersey seen here:


The styling is great because the model in the picture does not have long hair, and therefore you can make out, clearly, all of the words on the back of the spirit jersey. So if you have long hair and are unsure of what to do, for this piece I have a few options you can do, like a cute braid down to the side or a high ponytail to get the hair not only off of the back of the garment, but out of your face as well. If you are completely gung-ho about wearing your hair down with your outfit, what I would suggest is wearing your hair parted in the middle in the back, and then pulled forward so the hair falls gently off the front of your shoulders down to your chest. This way you can get all the awe-factor of the spirit jersey and you can wear your hair down.

It is a good idea to kep your hair style in mind when you have an outit. Details are put on garments to be shown off, so let's stop hiding them and show our fun patterned and adorable shirts and jackets to the world!

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  • Good points to consider when looking at the whole outfit!

    Jeanne on
  • Great ideas about hair length with patternsor sayings or cut outs Never thought about my hair covering up what I actually bought the top for in the beginning. Thanks

    Randee Alders on
  • I never thought about this but it makes a lot of sense!!! Thanks!!!!

    Ann Burks on

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