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What Is My Body Shape?

Posted by Rachel Boudreau on

Have you ever wondered why some clothes look great on your friends, but you can’t seem to pull them off? Or maybe it is the other way around! Have you ever bought a great pair of jeans and told all of your friends about it, telling them to go out and buy a pair of these amazing jeans, only for them to come back and tell you that they did not fit right and were uncomfortable?

It’s called body shape. Fashion Stylists are trained in Body Shape Analysis, which is a specific measurement table (think multiplication table from 5th grade) that compiles all measurements: bust, waist, hips, and cup size, and gives you one of the 5 body shapes:

  1. Hourglass
  2. Round (the picture calls it "apple", but fashion industry standards uses the term round)
  3. Triangle
  4. Inverted Triangle
  5. Rectangle

In fashion industry standards, the most widely sought-after body shape is the hourglass. It makes it easier to dress when you have an hourglass as it can handle many different silhouettes and does not require camouflage techniques to create a flattering figure.

So how do you know what your body shape is? Well, unless you get measured by a certified fashion stylist with the tools that can tell you what your body shape is and why that is your body shape, let me go through each of the 5 shapes, and provide you with factors for each body type that will help you decide.


  1. Bust and hips are (usually) the same width
  2. Waistline is narrower than bust line
  3. Has a definitive waist definition


  1. Bust, waist, and hips are very close in measurements
  2. No waist definition
  3. Smaller shoulders and full neck


  1. Narrow and sloping shoulders
  2. Hips are wider than shoulders and bustline
  3. Large hips and derriere

Inverted Triangle:

  1. Shoulders wider than the hips
  2. Small hips and flat derriere
  3. Possible full bust


  1. Very little, to no waist definition
  2. Longer legs
  3. Hips and shoulders look balanced (same measurement)


The last 4 body shapes are not the “ideal” body shape, but not everyone has the “ideal” body shape. Women come in all shapes and sizes and should be embraced and loved for their uniqueness. With the help of fashion and dressing appropriately for your body type, you are able to make the world think you are voluptuous, and have the hourglass figure that many women strive for.

In the coming weeks I will go into detail about each of the body shapes and how to trick people into thinking you have an hourglass figure so stay tuned! 

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  • Guess I feel better being a triangle than a square!! We are all wonderfully made!

    Jeanne on
  • Can’t wait to hear more details on each shape.

    Nina Gentry on
  • I think I must be the inverted triangle all shoulders and no derrière

    Kathy on
  • Great info! Love this!

    Kaileigh on
  • Oh MY, I am an hourglass WANNA BE… truth be know an APPLE with a hidden waist… the boobs and hips hide it, LOL!

    Shannon Harris on

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