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Photo Shoots-Behind the Scenes

Posted by Kaileigh Dodd on

Have you ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of a Wear Us Out photo shoot? Well, today is your lucky day! I’m going to take you behind the scenes and fill you in on all the hard work it takes to make the pictures on our website as beautiful as they are!

There are three major parts to doing our photo shoots; putting the outfits together, the hair and makeup, and actually taking the pictures.

When we put the outfits together we have a couple things in mind; what will look the best together, and how we can change the outfits up to make them look different, to show that the items can be versatile, and show that you can sometimes change one outfit up to look like several different outfits (shown below). We start out by pairing the top, bottom and shoes, and then we add the final touches-the jewelry, belts, scarfs, headbands, etc.,.

We changed up this top by adding a vest to show you that you can wear it different ways.


To order this top, click the link: http://www.wearusout.net/collections/tops/products/floral-print-flowy-blouse

Here is another great example, this blue jean tunic is shown two ways here

To order this Blue Jean tunic, click the link: http://www.wearusout.net/collections/tops/products/jean-button-up-tunic

When doing the models makeup and hair we try to do different things with each model, so we can show some versatility in the way they look, since we know not everyone wears their hair and makeup the same. So when you see one model with a little more makeup on and a little more dramatic hair, we will have another model with less makeup, and less dramatic hair. Here's a behind the scene look at Jessica getting her hair and make up done!


The final step is the actual pictures. We try to show all angels of an outfit (front, back, and sides) so you can get a good feel for how the outfit actually looks, and you can see all the details of it. We also love to show when our regular sized models and our plus models can wear the same thing. And we love to show our older models and younger models wearing the same thing so all ages can picture themselves wearing the outfit (shown below).


To order the red fringe top, go to: http://www.wearusout.net/collections/new-products/products/flowy-fringe-top
To order the black and tan top w/pocket, go to: http://www.wearusout.net/collections/tops/products/long-sleeve-tunic-dress-with-elbow-patch

So there you have it, our behind the scenes step-by-step look into our photo shoots! Hope you enjoyed!

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**And a special shout out to our amazing photographer Julie Johnson, and our adorable makeup and hair artist Kara Kowalik! We wouldn’t have the amazing photographs without you two ladies! Thank you for all that y’all do! Now here are some more behind the scenes pictures of the photo shoot:




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  • Lots of hard work equals lots of fun and fellowship! Great blog!

    Jeanne on
  • Great article

    Nina Grntry on
  • This is a great look at behind the scenes of our photo shoots. Love our models and our hair and make up team!

    Shannon Harris on
  • Great article!

    Jessica on
  • Cute photos! Love the the picture of Kara fixing Jessica’s hair!

    Barbara Ferrell on

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