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Dressing for the Hourglass Figure

Posted by Rachel Boudreau on

The hourglass shape…how life would be if I had a shape like this, unfortunately, life is not fair and therefore, we all have to be different, which is fine! It would not be a great thing if everyone looked the same. So the hourglass shape. While women with hourglass shapes CAN wear many silhouettes, that does not mean that they should. Let me go into further detail:

Women with the hourglass body shape are able to wear closely fitting clothes as you want to show off that you have an hourglass figure, however, too tight is not good on ANYONE, and if you wear baggy clothes, you are obviously doing yourself a disservice. However, with all body types, you need to look at your proportions. Are you long legged? Long torso or are you proportional (legs and torso measure about the same length, a certified stylist can help you figure out if you are directly proportional, however, sometimes it is obvious if you are long legged or long torso). If you are unproportioned (as are most women) you will need to pay attention to where you put your waistline to create the perfect hourglass shape.

For example, if you have short legs and you wear a tunic (a long shirt) you are elongating your already long torso and that is cutting into your already short legs. Find a shirt that hits you directly at the hips or a fraction lower, that way you are not losing part of your leg.

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On the other side, if you have spidery long legs, and you wear a pair of high rise jeans, well, there goes a portion of your torso.

It is all about proportion proportion proportion!  

As for shirts, hourglass shapes can wear most all silhouettes. including faux wrap, button down, v-neck, scoop neck, boat neck, off the shoulder, tube tops, one shoulder, and even the lengths can be played with, based on your specific portion sizes.

Here are a few good looks to get you started from our collection!!

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  • Great tips on PROPORTION! Anita you would need to call the store for help with sizing. The girls don’t alwasy see the Blog posts. 936-494-4500

    Shannon Harris on
  • Ann Burks,
    In the coming posts I will be talking about all of the body shapes! So stay tuned!!

    Rachel on
  • Really enjoyed these informative tips

    Kathy on
  • Very informative – I like the explanation that it is all about proportionate – proportionate – proportionate! Easy to remember!

    Jeanne Burton on
  • Good to know

    Barbara Ferrell on

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