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Dressing for the Round Shape

Posted by Rachel Boudreau on

Next on my list of body shapes is the round shape. This is also commonly referred to as diamond, or oval.

Just as a quick reminder, a round shape means that you carry fullness at the midriff. Round body shapes can sometimes have small shoulders and a fuller neck. There is little to no waist definition, but usually have very toned and shaped legs.

Again, proportion is going to be key, so proportion the top half of your body with shoulder pads. I know what a lot of people think…”shoulder pads!? Since when are they 80’s in style!?” A shoulder pad is not supposed to make you look like a football player. If you buy blazers in stores currently, you may have a difficult time finding one without a slight shoulder pad. The shoulder pad gives the illusion of broader shoulders, which in turn, makes it seem as though your waist is smaller than your shoulders, sound familiar? (Hint: sounds like the hourglass!)

Another tip would be to choose a “v” neck shirt and vertical line designs which include long necklaces, scarves or even draped necklines.   Creating vertical lines in your clothes will help give the impression that you are longer and taller, which then will make you look proportionate.

Prints can be tricky with a round body shape. Look for medium prints. Over sized will draw attention, as will a small or tiny print.

Create a waistline by using darts, seams, lines, or belts.


WEAR DARK COLORS ON THE INSIDE! Darker colors do not draw attention like light colors. Therefore, in regards to a suit…wear a black shirt, under a cream, or grey, or if you are very daring, white. The blazer or outer layer (if constructed properly) will be the focus point. You can even do this with just a tank top and sweater, Wear a black tank top with a fun colored or medium print sweater.

As for bottoms: Look for structure, and avoid wide waistbands (which draw attention), cropped pants (which cut you off at an unflattering part of the leg) and over sized dresses (although they may be comfortable, you are only doing yourself a disservice).

Wearing jewelry can be tricky, but it is do-able. Wear all accessories above the bust-line. Your best bet would be bold accessories, which will draw attention to your face. Pins, chokers, long necklaces, earrings, etc. are all very flattering on you.

The modeling industry may be overrun with thin models, but the real world is overrun with average size women wearing 12+ clothing; I understand, I am a heavier girl myself. All you need is to be equipped with the knowledge of how to dress your body! 

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