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We Have a Tank For That

Posted by Kaileigh Dodd on

Tank tops, they’re a staple item in most women’s wardrobes. They do a few different things that make them a “must wear” item for girls. 1st, they help tuck away all out “sins”, you know, hide our rolls, etc. 2nd, they can add a little something extra to our outfits, and bring a little color to what we are wearing. 3rd, they are a great layering piece, layering is a big trend that has been around a while and having the right tank, as well as a variety of different color tanks is one of the keys to layering successfully. And finally, tank tops are perfect to wear with tops that are see-through, tops that are too low cut, and tops that have cut out in them.

I know I can’t wear a shirt without a tank top underneath it, it’s a comfort thing for me I guess, but I love the aspect of adding a solid color to my outfit. It literally makes my outfits complete, and yes, I have just about every color!

We have a HUGE selection of tanks here at Wear Us Out, I mean we literally have every color! Our tanks are a customer favorite because they are SO comfortable, and they truly do help you achieve all the things listed above.

Here are all the different color tanks we have, and also a couple outfits that we use our tanks:

to order tanks click the following link:http://www.wearusout.net/collections/tops/products/plain-jersey-tank


            Coral Red                        Dark Burgundy              Orange Rust                   Orange

          Melon                         Coral Peach                         Banana                             Freesia

         Misted Yellow                      Mustard                          Bright Mint                         Lime Green  

        Neon Green                    Cypress Green                 Dark Olive                       Candy Blue

         Aqua Blue                      Turquoise                         Dazzling Blue                 Cobalt Blue

       Midnight Blue                        Purple                                   Lilac                           Sweet Lilac

        Gelato Peach                  Neon Pink                            Fuchsia                             Raspberry

     Neon Coral                        Flash                             Stone                                    Taupe


        Dark Brown                    Terracotta                            Black                               Pewter  

          Rock                           Silver Gray                      White

Use code: "TANK20" to receive 20% off all tanks! Only valid through 02/19/2015 at midnight. Offer is also valid IN STORE! (Code/discount cannot be used in combination with any other coupon code)

Here are some of our tanks put with outfits, to show you all the different ways they can be worn, and what a difference wearing a tank makes:

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  • I wear a tank with every outfit I wear! I can’t wear a shirt without one! Love this post!

    Ally Smith on
  • a must have item… LOVE! Great blog too!

    Shannon Harros on
  • I must have just about every color and could’t do without these tanks, they are like none other as far as fit and comfort. A closet staple!

    Kathy on
  • Tanks are great! All colors are good but a black one and white one are must haves!

    Karin on
  • I absolutely LOVE these tanks. They are PERFECT for ANY occasion. These are definitely a MUST HAVE!!

    Chelcea on

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