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The Triangle Body Shape

Posted by Rachel Boudreau on

Dressing for the Triangle shape is going to stick with our theme of proportion. As you may remember, a triangle shape has the characteristics of narrow or sloping shoulders, and wide hips and derriere.

In order to obtain an “hourglass” shape, it is necessary to accentuate the upper body to balance out the hips and buttocks.

As I have stated in posts past, light colors accentuate, and dark colors mask. Therefore, we want to draw attention to the shoulders and face to create the balance, as the shoulders and neck are of smaller proportion to the hips and buttocks.

So keep these tips in mind: Wear light color tops with pleats, ruffles, patches, pockets, or faux wrap shirt. Wear simple straight, or slightly tapered pants. Darker colors are better in this instance as dark colors mask. DO NOT wear pleats or pants that gather at the waist line, it will only draw attention to the waist and hips.

To help bring the eyes upwards, wear colorful accessories around the neckline and shoulder area. Or find shirts that have beading or some kind of rouching on the shoulder to give a little emphasis. Blazers should have a slight shoulder pad (do not go 80’s on me!) and should end at the largest part of the hip. Look for a ¾ length jacket (that ends at the knees), you will be surprised how flattering it is!

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Straight leg pants will be your best asset and pencil skirts that end at the knee will flatter your silhouette. DO NOT wear tightly fitted jeans, leggings, or jeggings, instead, look for the straight cut pant, with a with a matching color shoe. When you match your shoe to your pant color, it will elongate your leg, because the other person’s eye is not cut off by color. If you remember ANYTHING from this blog, I hope that it is this: monochromatic color when wearing pants (meaning if you are wearing black pants and you wear black shoes) will elongate the look of your leg. It goes for all colors of pant/shoe combinations.


Here are a few ideas to get you started! 

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Stay tuned for next week when we talk "Inverted Triangle"

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