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The Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Posted by Rachel Boudreau on

The inverted triangle is one of the more difficult body shapes to style, but this does not mean that it cannot be done.

As a quick reminder, a woman who has an inverted triangle body shape has shoulders which are wider than the hips, a larger body above the waist, and usually toned legs.

To keep the proportion correct with the inverted triangle, this means we have to create the equivalent volume to the shoulders, on the hips. This can be done using gathered skirts, A-line skirts, wide-legged trousers, and flared hemlines.

As I have said before in multiple posts before this, dark colors mask, and light colors accentuate. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear darker colors on the top and lighter colors on the bottom. The light color will draw attention away from the broad shoulders, and the dark colors on the shoulders will also mask it.

Halter tops would be a good fit for you because this way, the straps cut the broadness of your shoulders, and unlike the triangle body shape, your shoulders can handle the halter.

Make sure to elongate your neck and torso with V-neck shirts. If you find you have a shirt that has a lot of drapes and falls directly from the shoulders, add a belt at the smallest part of your waistline to define it. If you do not do this, you will look as if you do not have a waist.

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Jewelry will help elongate by wearing long necklaces. Scarves will have the same visual effect.

To help define a waist, like belting a shirt, you can also look for dresses and sweaters that have a wrap effect (faux works too).

Here are a few ideas from our collection to get you started!   

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  • So many great tips!

    Barbara Ferrell on
  • It’s so important to wear the “right” styles for your figure!!!!

    dianne lane on
  • This would be my shape! Very helpful tips.

    Kathy on
  • Great info—need help figuring out what’s shape is,

    Nina Gentry on
  • Lots of great tips for the different body types!

    Barbara Ferrell on

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