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How To: Headbands

Posted by Kaileigh Dodd on

           A big trend right now is stretch headbands! I can bet you see people wearing them EVERYWHERE, and I can also bet you see them where them several different ways. Do wonder to yourself, ‘how do they get their hair like that?’ or maybe you tell yourself, ‘I could never get my hair to do that, it looks way to hard.’ Well I’m here to tell you that you can do it, it’s SO EASY! I am personally OBSESSED with wearing headbands. I wear them every single chance I get, and I can honestly say I own about 20 of them myself, literally!

           People tell me all the time, ‘That must have taken you forever to do!” But realistically it only takes me about 5-10 minutes max to achieve a cute headband look. And everyone thinks they have to have thick hair or long hair to be able to do it, but that is certainly not true! I have put headbands on people with short hair, and with thin hair and it turned out just as cute!

           Now I’m going to show you a few of my favorite ways to wear headbands.

           I start out with semi-straight hair (since mine is crazy curly and frizzy I usually straighten it a little bit before I start). Then I create my bump, I do this by teasing my hair with a comb and hair spraying it as I tease it, once my hair is all teased I secure my bump with bobby pins. I personally like the bump when I wear headbands because I just feel as though it makes it all look better, but you don’t have to do the bump if you don't want to. See pictures below:


            Once my bump is secure, I then finish straightening my hair so it lays flatter. Then I spray my bump with hairspray.


            Now I add the headband. Once the headband is in place, I like to put it on the part at the top of my forehead where the bump begins so it all blends together so-to-speak. Then I take the bobby pins out and start to tuck the front pieces of my hair into the stretchy part of the headband. All you do is grab a little hair and start tucking. You tuck it in until you can’t see the ends of your hair you tucked in anymore:


            Here is another way I like to wear headbands, with all of my hair tucked in, while leaving a little out on one side. You achieve this look by grabbing a strand of hair on one side (I start on the left side) and start tucking it in the stretchy part of the headband and continuing to gradually add hair as you go, and then stop once you get the right side and leave that hair down. I love how the hair looks in the back, all twisted up!


             You can also take that hair you left down and braid it like so:


             Or you can take that hair you left down and curl it to give it a nice beach wave look. I also like to pull out a small strand on the opposite side of the braid and curl it too. That way it looks a little more balanced on both sides.


              The last look that I love is great if you want all your hair out of your face. It looks kind of like a side bun, and you can make it messy or neat, but I prefer neat myself. To do this you just tuck in the hair like stated above and then once you have just that small amount left on the one side you take that and tuck it in. but instead of gradually adding hair while you tuck, you want to tuck it in all at once so it looks fuller.

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                I hope you all enjoyed this headband tutorial! Stay tuned for a step by step video tutorial as well in the next month or so! Here are some other headbands I have worn:


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  • Best blog yet, Kaileigh! You make it look easy…

    Cheri on
  • We have so many cute headbands to choose from too!

    Barbara Ferrell on
  • love this!! Wearing a headband today using one of your ideas!

    Jessica on
  • Wow! Just beautiful. I love how you do it step by step with pictures. Always live to learn something new. Thank you.

    Chelcea on
  • I’m pretty impressed! Wish we’d had these cute headbands back in MY day!!!!

    dianne lane on

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