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The Rectangle Shape

Posted by Rachel Boudreau on

The last shape in this series of blogs is the rectangle shape.

Just as a reminder, the rectangle shape can be described by having little to no waist definition, hips and shoulders look balanced, small derriere, sometimes long legs.

Since the rectangle has little to no waist definition, we will need to create one. This can be done by wearing fitted jackets with SMALL shoulder pads (again…no 80’s!) this will create the illusion that the shoulders are broader than the waist, thus giving the illusion of a defined waist. Since the jacket (if fitted properly) comes in at the waist, it will balance the shoulder pad, thus making a full turn to become proportionate.

Wrap dresses will be a great fit for you as it will be taken in slightly, giving the illusion again that there is a defined waist.

Vertical lines will elongate the figure, so draw attention away from the waistline, by wearing jewelry above the bust.

Draping, gathering, and pleats at the waist will all give the illusion of a defined waist.

As for colors, most colors will work, but again keep in mind, dark colors mask and light colors accentuate.

Prints can be tricky, but remember small prints emphasize a large shape, and large prints emphasize small shapes, so usually a medium print will suffice, but do not be afraid to try on some different patterns, you may be pleasantly surprised!

For bottoms, it can get tricky, however, as long as you create a balance, you should be all set. However, a boot cut or a straight leg jean would suffice. 

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  • great tips!

    Jessica on
  • Love the information on which body type looks great with what type of clothes to wear for your figure. Awesome blog! Thank you.

    Chelcea on
  • Great post! And great information!

    Ashley Dodd on
  • Ok, I think I found my shape…. Great tips!!

    Shannon Harris on
  • I love the clothing tips regarding accentuating your waist line.

    Kathy Glass on

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