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Men do not understand the basic needs for a purse...at all. Shopping for a purse is as stressful as shopping for a pair of heels or a dress. It is ridiculously important to pick the right bag because this bag is an investment! Purses of good quality are not cheap! So what should you be looking for in terms of a bag? Well I have a few things to help you through the process:

Color: Look for a purse that will go with most of your outfits. Your everyday bag might not be mustard yellow unless you wear a lot of yellows and blues. I personally would go to a brown, blue or black bag. These colors are neutral and can go with most outfits. To jazz it up, you can look for a bag with a print on it which will give it a little more pop with your outfit. However, very bright or loud colored bags, are great, but probably will not go with most of your outfits. Do not get me wrong, I have a bright yellow clutch, but I only can use it with about 30% of my wardrobe.

Versatility: Is the bag as big as a beach bag? Or is it not big enough to hold your cellphone? Medium bags are usually the best. It will hold your wallet, car keys, cell phone, 14 lip glosses, and a wide array of food. (That's what I have in my bag all the time...) For versatility, also be thinking of your body shape, not technically whether you are a rectangle or inverted triangle, but think of how your body looks. Are you queen size? You might not want a small purse because in proportion you will appear bigger, and the same goes for the other way around; are you a size 0 and short? Well maybe a giant beach bag isn't the right bag for you because the bag will swallow you up, hence why a medium bag will work for the majority of women. 

Structure: Make sure you are looking at the shape of your bag. I carry my purse with a hook arm (meaning it falls to my bent elbow), I rarely throw it over my shoulder, so I am happy to buy a heavily structured bag with short handles, however women who need to throw their bags over their shoulder or across their body, probably will not use this bag. Think about how you hold your bag and it will guide you through your purchase. It may sound weird, but when you are shopping, this is easier with a friend, pay attention to how the other holds their purse and then when it is that time of the day to purchase a purse, your friend can point out to you how you "usually" hold a bag. You might be wondering why you can't just pay attention to it by yourself, well that is because subconsciously, you will hold the bag how you think it should be held and how you think it looks "trendiest"...however, you may hold your bag contrary to how you think it should be held, so having someone else pay attention will help you get some insight into your body language. 

Investment: Whether you like it or not, your bag is an investment. Purses aren't cheap and they shouldn't be either. We hold our lifetime supply of EVERYTHING in there, so you need a QUALITY bag. When you are thinking about buying a purse, look at the construction of the bag, what kind of material is it made out of? Make sure there are no loose threads or ripped seams or pockets. This will ensure the bag will last a long time. When you are contemplating a big purse purchase, make sure you think to yourself, "am I going to use this bag?" "how many seasons can I get out of this bag?" If you know that this bag is going to be your new "go to" bag, the price should only be a minimal deciding factor because it IS an investment, because you are investing in yourself, which is the best investment of all. 


Here are a few purses from our collection to get you started!

Buy this bag here!


Buy this bag here!


Buy this bag here! 

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  • I think it’s time for me to buy a new purse!!

    Jessica on
  • My purse is my lifeline, thanks for the great tips

    Kathy on
  • My favorite, purses! Love to buy them!

    Barbara Ferrell on
  • Love this blog… I like a cross over purse:)

    Shannon Harris on
  • I loved this article…good considerations….I mostly get stuck with one bag for everything…ugh!

    cheri on

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