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Pink Pewter Headbands

Posted by Kaileigh Dodd on

               Our NEW Pink Pewter headbands have arrived, and let me tell you-you will want to see them! They are fabulous to wear for ALL occasions, and they make fixing your hair so easy. If you know me well, then you know I have an OBSESSION with headbands, but not just any headbands, I’m obsessed with Pink Pewter headbands. For starters, the quality is amazing, you won’t ever find another headband made like Pink Pewter. And all the headbands have a LIFE TIME WARRANTY, so if for some reason a stone falls off or the headband breaks in any way, just bring it back to use and we will send it off to Pink Pewter and they will fix it as soon as they can, AT NO CHARGE.

                Personally, I own about 15 Pink Pewter Headbands, but now that our news ones are in I can say honestly I now own a total of 27 headbands! Yes, I have added 12 more to my collection! With that being said, lets talk about my new favorites!

                The first being Millie. This headband comes in both silver and gold (and yes I have both). My favorite thing about these two headbands is you can layer them by wearing them together, or you can wear them separately. Either way, it gives you a whole new look. They are both so versatile, because you can wear them to a casual type of event, but they are dressy enough to wear to a formal event. Here they are worn together and separate:


                My second favorite has to be Kaylee, besides having the coolest name ever (Yes I may be a little biased because of the name) this headband has the perfect simple touch to add to any and all outfits. It’s small, but it still turns heads, because it makes any hair style you wear it with look amazing! Take a look at how beautiful it is:


                And my third favorite, is jasmine. This one also comes in two colors, navy blue and gold, but they are each a little differently shaped on the ends. The possibilities with these two headbands are endless, you can wear them so many different ways, and they can go with so much! Here’s a couple different ways I like to wear them:


                  My fourth favorite is the Lizzy headband. I love this one so much because it is a statement piece for sure. The price is higher, but it is worth every penny. How I think of it is, I love when people compliment me (and I know most of you like it too) so I want to wear something that gives a statement, and that is exactly what the lizzy headband does. Take a look at how beautiful it is:


Although these are probably my top three favorite ones, I love them all!

We don’t have any new ones on the website yet, but feel free to call the store, (936)494-4500 to order over the phone, or order over email by emailing us at online@wearusout.net.

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Take a look at my past blog post, “How To: Headbands” (click link to take you to that blog) to see all the different fun ways you can wear these headbands!

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  • The cool thing about these headbands…..rock them with your boho/cowgirl chic outfits……..or go with the bling and dress up the fanciest of outfits! I’ve even seen them worn with wedding gowns!

    dianne lane on
  • YOU rock a headband….they are really a beautiful accessory.

    Cheri on
  • Your excitement is contagious!

    Jessica on
  • LOVE THESE! LIzzy is my favorite.

    Shannon Harris on
  • It is amazing how fast you can do your hair with these headbands – and the different looks are fabulous! It is an investment in an accessory that will last forever!

    Jeanne on

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