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The Perfect Jewelry Box

Posted by Kaileigh Dodd on

Making sure you have the right jewelry to go with your outfits, is a key component when you’re getting dressed-especially if you have a special event/occasion you are getting ready to go to. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I have no idea how to match my jewelry with my clothes!” No worries, I am here to help you by telling you the MUST HAVES in your jewelry box!

                First things first, you need to figure out what your style is-do you like to wear more simple things? Or do you like to wear things that make a statement? Maybe you’re in-between? I’m definitely in between, I like to wear simple things half the time, and then statement pieces the other half. Once you figure out what your style is, we can get started! Don’t be afraid to tweak my jewelry box tips to your liking, after all, you are the one wearing it! J

                Necklaces! When I shop for my necklaces I like to find several versatile pieces that can go with everything, and I also like to get different lengths too (some short and some long), because depending on the type of shirt you wear, will determine what length your necklace should be. I suggest having at least six necklaces that are solid silver or solid gold (three silver and three gold works for me), because they are easy to just throw on when you’re in a rush to get ready, and I say six because you want to change your jewelry up and not wear the same ‘ole stuff every day! You also want to have at least three necklaces that have color in them. I suggest figuring out the colors you wear most and having a couple necklaces that go with a variety of outfits, so you can change up your look by changing up your necklace!

                Earrings! They are my favorite! I love wearing Earrings, because you can totally change not only your outfit, but you can also change your entire look up, just changing your earring. Earrings also draw attention to your face, which is great when you’re feeling bloated. When choosing Earrings you want to have a couple simple earrings, such as studs (which are great to wear when your hair is up) and some long dangly earrings, (which are great to wear when your hair is down). As far as what color earrings to have, you want to have some neutral colored earrings that you can wear with everything, and you also want a variety of different colored earrings to wear when you have a special occasion/event to go to. ‘How many pairs of earrings should you have?’ Hmm, I say more the merrier, but if I have to give a number I’d say at least two neutral colored earrings (one small pair, and one large pair), and at least 10 pairs of colorful unique earrings, so you can easily change them up.

                Rings! I personally don’t wear rings a whole lot-besides my wedding band and engagement ring-which I wear every day, of course! But I do like to wear them every-now-and-then. When I do wear rings, I like to wear them right after I get my nails done to draw attention to my newly done manicure, and I like to wear fun (kind of out there) rings. With that being said, I suggest having about two exciting, semi-large rings you can wear to change up your look every now and then!

                Bracelets! Bracelets are great because there is SO much you can do with them. If you wear bangle-like bracelets, like I do, then you can stake them up by wearing several different ones at the same time, or you can wear just a couple simple ones for a less dramatic look. I also like to wear unique bracelets that give a statement. I suggest having several bangle bracelets, let’s say about ten or so, and then having about two statement bracelets that you wear for special occasions.

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                And that is it! If you follow everything I said, you’ll for sure have the best looking jewelry box around! Note, I did give you the very minimum of what I suggest you have in your jewelry box, so it’s okay if you have more. This is just a list of things that I feel are a must have in my jewelry box!

Also, don’t forget, your outfit is never complete without the perfect jewelry!

                Here are a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry from Wear Us Out that will be perfect for your jewelry box!

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  • The perfect jewelry box is FULL of WUO jewelry!!!!!!

    dianne lane on
  • I love jewelry! I never leave the house without earrings and a bracelet…I know crazy. I have resorted to hanging all my necklaces on cute little hooks I find all over……helps keep them from tangling!

    Cheri on
  • Great tips on the Jewelry! I love the necklace!

    Caitlin on
  • Love jewelry!

    BArbara Ferrell on
  • My jewelry box runneth over with WUO jewelry! !!!! Our jewelry is so unique! !! I especially love the long necklaces! !!

    d on

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