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What Colors You Should Wear to Match Your Skin's Tone

Posted by Kaileigh Dodd on

                Everyone has dealt with not knowing what colors look best on them at some point in their lives. Heck, I’ve dealt with this on a weekly basis. With that being said, I did a little research and I came across how you determine what color clothing you should wear based on your skin’s surface tone and your skin’s undertone.

                First things first, you have to figure out what your skin’s surface tone and undertone are. Surface tones are the color you’d describe yourself as having (Ivory, light, medium, tan, dark, etc.). Your skin’s undertone is the color underneath the surface. You can have the same skin color as somebody else, but have a different undertone, which are broken down like this:

  • Cool: Pink, red, or bluish undertones
  • Warm: Yellow, peachy, golden undertones
  • Neutral: A mix of warm and cool undertones

               One miss conception is that a pale person can’t have warm-toned skin. But in fact, many fair skinned people have warm-toned skin, and vice versa-dark skinned people can have cool-toned skin as well.

Okay, so now on to how you determine what undertone you have. Here are a few different tricks you can try:

#1) Check Your Veins.

                Check the veins on your wrist, are they blue or green? If they look more bluish/purplish, then you likely have cool undertones, if they look greener then you likely have warm undertones. I’d like to also note, if you do have greenish veins it does not actually mean your veins are green, they just look like that because you are seeing them through yellow toned skin (yellow + blue=green).

#2) White Paper Test.

                Take a clean sheet of white paper and hold it up to your face (or neck, if you’re wearing a lot of makeup) and look to see what colors jump out of your skin. Blue and pink colors mean your skin has a cool undertone, green and red mean your skin has a warm undertone. The neutrals might fluctuate depending on the time of year and amount of sun exposure.

#3) The Neutral Test

                Think about what neutral colors compliment your skin color best. Do you look better in bright white and black hues? That would mean you probably have a cool undertone. Or do you look better in ivory, off-whites and brown/tan shades? That would mean you probably have a warm undertone. If you’re not sure, then put a solid white shirt on and look at yourself in the mirror. Now put on a solid nude/tan color top and evaluate yourself in the mirror again. Which looked better? If the white did, your skin has a cool undertone, if the nude/tan one looked better, your skin has a warm undertone.

#4) How Easily Do you burn

                When you’re out in the sun does your skin turn golden brown or does it burn and turn pink first? If it turns golden brown, that indicates you have a warm undertone, and if you burn you have a cool undertone (Fair skinned cool girls will simply burn, while medium-skinned cool-toned girls will burn then tan).

#5) The Jewelry Trick

                Think about whether you look better in silver or gold jewelry. Not which one you like more, but which one actually looks better, and makes you look more radiant, glowing, and awake. Typically girls with cool undertones look better in silver and platinum metals, while warm-toned girls look better in gold.

#6) Identify With a Celebrity

  • Celebrities with cool undertones: January Jones, Scarlett Johansen, Anne Hathaway, Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Cara Delevingne.
  • Celebrities with warm undertones: Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Albra, Rachel Bilson, Jennifer Aniston, Beyoncé.

#7) Figure Out Which Colors Look Best on You

                 Okay so now that you’ve determined your skin’s surface tone and undertone we can talk what colors will look best on you. Warm-toned girls should lean towards yellows, oranges, browns, yellow-greens, ivories, and warm reds, while cool-tones girls should lean towards blues, greens, pinks, purples, blue-greens, magenta, and true “blue-based” reds. take a look at the chart:

                                              Warm Undertones:                          Cool Undertones:

                  In summary, warm-toned girls tend to tan, not burn and look best in gold jewelry and gold tones. Cool-toned girls tend to burn fast, rather than tan. They look best in silver jewelry and silver tones.

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                  Take a look first hand below and check out how are models look best in the colors that best suit their skin undertones:

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  • Great information about skin tone! Found out I’m a cool.

    Caitlin on
  • Very informative and fun to do! Great information for buying new spring and summer clothes!

    Jeanne on
  • I’m a total believer in this! You’LL never see me in pinks, light yellows, or pastels! I’m a royal blue, purple, rich/bright turquoise and coral girl! When I wear “my colors” …..i always receive compliments!!!

    dianne lane on
  • Found out I am a warm skin tone…always though I was cool. But I love White instead of Ivory….goo info.

    Cheri on
  • I am definitely a warm tone. I agree the vein test was cool and the paper test too.

    Shannon Harris on

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