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Why Boutiques and Consignment Stores Are Hidden Treasurers

Posted by Rachel Boudreau on

I will admit, I love a good department store. I really should not be allowed within 50 feet of a Nordstrom because Visa makes a LOT of money. But for those of us who are (and should be more....) financially responsible, there are still places you can go to get trendy and up to date looks.

Boutiques are amazing, they always have the funnest and most original clothes you can fathom, and the prices are usually unbeatable! Boutiques are amazing places to get your interesting accessories, colorful patterned dresses and fun shoes. One of the best things about boutiques is that their supply of their items is small, meaning they may only have 6-7 of a certain shirt or pair of pants, this helps lessen the idea that everyone is wearing the same thing.

Consignment stores are also great! I know that a lot of people do not like the fact that someone else has worn those clothes, but if you think about it, most people donate their clothes when they get to be too small, too large, or are just out of date, so if you are weary about going to consignment stores, just think about how someone else is going to be wearing your old clothes and that isn't gross to you. I love consignment stores. I have found many interesting, fun and quirky pieces that my wardrobe absolutely needed. One of the best parts? The clothes are already worn in for you! You don't even have to do it yourself! One of my favorite finds at a consignment store is a pair of wide leg bright pink trousers...I still wear those to work, because they're so fun and they brighten people's day when they see me wearing pink pants! The other amazing thing about consignment is that you will usually get a percentage of the sale value when you donate to consignment. Who doesn't want money!? Now you can go shopping!

So before you get in the car and go to the department store for a little retail therapy, think about possibly hitting up a boutique or consignment store. You may be surprised and you will also help small businesses survive in the economy.

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  • I love boutique stores because you can find unusual clothing in there

    Barbara Ferrell on
  • Boutique bis still my favorite! Love the printed pants pictured.

    Tracy on
  • This is great!

    Caitlin on
  • Always great to find that little something different and know that everyone else won’t be wearing it!

    Jeanne on
  • Love the finds at a boutique, nothing compares.

    Kathy on

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