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17 Top Fashion Tips

Posted by Kaileigh Dodd on

Over the last couple of years we have posted fashion tips on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so now we want to highlight some of our favorite ones that we felt were worth sharing with you again! #1) The Fashion Formula 1 Basic (Dark Jeans, Pencil Skirt, Basic Top) +   1 Interest Piece (Color, Pattern, Texture, Shaw) +  1 Completer Piece (Jacket, Cardigan, Belt) +    Accessories (Bag, Jewelry, Clutch, Shoes)                                                          = The Perfect Fashion Forward Outfit Click Here to Buy This Fashion Formula Complete Outfit #2) The Neck Method for Perfect Fitting Jeans                 If you don’t have enough...

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The Anatomy of a Heel

Posted by Rachel Boudreau on

Have you ever really thought about a high heel and what it entails?  A high heel is easily my longest running relationship with anything other than my family. My shoes are like my children, I take them to a repair man when they're broken, and I bathe them when they're dirty. Some may find that sad, but shoes make me happy like nothing else I wear; and yes I do wear high heels at least three times a week. In the picture below you will find a shoe designed by the mother of all shoe makers; Christian Louboutin. He is a French shoe...

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